The new and innovative Jagler conjures up contemporary icons and reflects the style of the free and passionate Jagler man with its original design presentation

The ambitious smell of Turkish man Jagler completes the irresistible masked smell of Jagler, a new functional cover that leaves women in the sphere of influence and attracts attention.

The cult smell of men who were launched in 1990 AND Jagler has achieved a remarkable success in a short time with a lasting and intense smell.
For many years Jagler has maintained leadership in men's fragrance.

In 2007; Jagler Sport was created with the fresh / sport smell of Jagler and won the attraction of consumers.
Another member of the Jagler family is Black Magic. The Black Magic brand, which joined the Hunca family in 1998, won the men's liking for its permanent and intense smell.
In 2011, Black and Storm joined the Jagler family. Jagler's new smell of free and brave men who like innovations reflects Storm and the modern and sporting style is a strong expression with Jagler's new smell and Jagler men's new preferred Black packaging.

In 2013, Blue finally joined the Jagler family. Jagler's new smell is reflected in Blue with modern and cool style.
Jagler also presents three different types of shaving cologne, shaving foam, moisturizing shaving lotion, and 3-in-1 shampoo, for all men to enjoy the rich product variety.
In 2016, Jagler added hair styling products under the brand umbrella. Five different types of Hair gel, five different types of Wax, two types of Hair Spray and two kinds of Hair Styling Foams are presented Jagler lovers.

Jagler attraction continues to seduce all women!

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