Explanation : This balm is specially prepared for post-shave care, perfectly preserves the effects of skin shaving. This special balm that soothes and comforts the skin after shaving with its barley essence prevents the skin from drying and irritating by rebuilding the moisture barrier.


Blending the mysteries and traditions of the East with the modernity of the West it is the cult scent of impressive, protective, irresistible, wild, hot, stunning and macho men who leave their marks.
Jagler was launched in 1990 and due to its durable and intense smell it was admired by men who stick firm to their habits.
Jagler stands the test of the time and except perfumes and deodorants the brand expanded its product range and added roll-on, deo stick, shaving foam and hair-gel as well. Later on with the launching of Jagler Woman it secured its position in the market. Jagler Woman has the products of perfume and deodorant with a fragrance and classical smell. Blending the mysteries and traditions of the East with the modernity of the West Jagler Woman is the scent of impressive, irresistible, civilized women who leave their marks and it offers a special smell for those who want to discover an oriental world. In 2007, similar to Jagler but having a more fresh and sportive scent, Jagler Sport was created and won the recognition of the consumers. As the last product roll-on was included to the range of Jagler Sport. It is the exceptional scent of the exceptional men which combines the energy of athletic men with the dramatic woody touch.
Another member of Jagler family is Black Magic. It joined the big Hunca family in 1998 and made a hit with its durable and strong scent. It also has perfume and deodorant products too. As a strategic move it was relocated under Jagler brand in 2005. In line with this decision packaging and logo of Black Magic was renewed in 2006. Both strong and soft this perfume offers the classical style of Jagler and the splendor of giant sand dunes together.
In 2011, Black and Storm joined the Jagler family. Independent and dareful men who are fond of change liked Storm very much, modern and athletic men favored Black. The new form of their bottles resembles a lighter which reflects the style of a Jagler man’s passion and free spirit.